About Us

HighStreet is the response to a shift in the insurance and risk management marketplace – new markets and distribution channels open distinctive opportunities to create meaningful relationships with our clients.

HighStreet is privately owned brokerage that offers tailored insurance products and sound risk management advice. The HighStreet way is a personal, savvy approach, combined with offering access to the most innovative coverage available. We believe it is our duty to stay close to the industries we serve to gain a deeper understanding of their unique risks. Our focus on the challenges businesses and their owners face today, including technological and regulatory demands, instills confidence in our clients that their corporate risks can be managed effectively.

Our mission is simple: to seek loyalty from all of our stakeholders – our clients, our employees and the insurers we work with – by generating extraordinary returns on their investments and efforts. It is one of our core beliefs that by focusing on loyalty rather than profits, HighStreet’s growth will be based on partnership and mutual value. This loyalty must emanate first from the creation of value for every client and employee  by definition, created and delivered from the point of view of the beneficiary. Every effort of every person at HighStreet is conducted and guided by this principle. When performed correctly, this value creation approach will provide a process for continuous improvement. We will never be satisfied that any given result is the limit of the benefits that can be provided.