With a finger on the pulse of Canada’s risk and management market, our customized programs are a reflection of risk protection needs.

A deep understanding of your business, lasting relationships and knowledge of potential risks and gaps in service: We truly deliver a proactive and intuitive insurance and risk management program fit for today’s business climate.

We are an ever-evolving brokerage with the capacity to stay flexible, approachable and responsive. - Stuart Tate, President & CEO at HighStreet

Our founding partners have protected clients with a variety of needs, across all industries. It is our goal always to conduct business in a manner that is flexible and responsive.

How we can help:

  • We listen carefully and build strong relationships
  • We have global partnerships
  • We have diversified insurance platforms (Private Client Solutions)

Our relationship building initiatives have made us experts in every niche risk management market. You can count on our in-depth product knowledge, extensive experience and long-term relationships with insurers, coupled with our global market access, to achieve the best possible solutions for your risk needs.


HighStreet works to identify, measure and resolve all aspects of insurance and risk. We work directly with underwriters, locally and abroad, to create the right response. Ongoing communication with our clients gives us the opportunity to simplify and clarify coverage, keeping clients well-informed and knowledgeable to ensure well-balanced decisions.

Our clients look to us to be their expert, information resource, forecaster and most of all, insurance and risk management partner.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service, and to assure you of our commitment to fulfill any and all of your insurance requirements.